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International scientific project with Argentina: philosophy of humanism and ethics of the XXI century

“Metaphysics as a phenomenon of modern humanism: a methodological aspect”.

Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy, FGMU, Ph.D. CM. Sergey Markov and Professor Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina (UCA) Viviana Yaccuzzi Polisena; published a paper on the topic “Metaphysics as a phenomenon of modern humanism: a methodological aspect” in the scientific journal “DIXI: Ideas, Hypotheses, Discoveries in Social and Humanitarian Research”.

The project proposes a new concept of metaphysics as a phenomenon of modern humanism. As its methodology, it is proposed to use the quantum philosophy of matter (reality) and consciousness and bioethics in the modern interpretation. The method is the theory of Armand Hatchay's expanding knowledge.

It should be noted that the collective project of Markov-Yaccuzzi Polisena, has already received positive reviews in different countries. The co-authors of the project are invited to publish the work in the Berlin journal (Germany). More information about the work can be found: Markov S.M. (Russia), Yaccuzzi Polisena Viviana (Argentina). Metaphysics as a phenomenon of modern humanism: a methodological aspect / DIXI - 2018: ideas, hypotheses, discoveries in social and humanitarian research: a collection of scientific papers: issue 9 / under the Dr. sociologist. Sciences A.Yu. Zavalishina. - Khabarovsk: RIC KSUEP, 2018. pp. 57 - 78. [224 pp.] - 1.3 al.

Registered in the Russian Science Citation Index. (Science Index) RSCI. или elibrary.

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